GENESIS CONCERN LTD. is committed to provide one-stop ODM service to our clients. Our research and development team possess many years of successful experience in developing consumer electronics and Bluetooth solutions. As early as 2000, we have been developing Bluetooth-related hand-free applications, including Bluetooth vehicle audio systems, hand-free carkit, etc. Over the years, we have won the invaluable trust and support of our clients with our outstanding products and services.


    We are proud of our one-stop electronics product ODM services. We are dedicated to all mechanics, hardware and software development with the aim of tailor-making solutions to our clients’ products most efficiently. We also provide a wide array of technical support and consultant services, including the procedures and testing conditions when the product is submitted for different approval, to ensure our clients can release their products with certain standard in the market with the lowest cost in the shortest time. In addition, we also closely monitor and supervise the manufacturing process, including raw materials testing and manufacture testing, as well as after-sales service such as the disposal of substandard materials.


    Since 2009, we have established GENESIS TECHNOLOGY (GT) to focus on our core business of Bluetooth technology, in order to provide our clients with Bluetooth Communication Modules based on CSR BC03 and BC05 platforms. As for Bluetooth hand-free applications, with our valuable experience over the years, we offer innovative and effective solutions to process feedback and high-frequency noise, and to improve sound quality and mobile compatibility. Over the past years, our products have been well recognized and praised in the market. More than one million units are shipped to world wide every year.

    GENESIS CONCERN LTD. is a registered member of the Bluetooth SIG since 2005. Our Bluetooth Communication Modules have been accredited by BQB and ROHS respectively. Our outstanding product quality and excellent after-sales service strengthen the competitiveness of our clients, as established our reputation as the best Bluetooth solution provider in the market.


    With the increasing requests from our customers about iPhone accessories, we are proud to announce our MilkTM i-accessory series in 2010. Milkbox, an external battery case for iPhone, as our first product of the series is targeted to the global market of extensively growing iPhone users. As a member of MFi program we could develop more i-product related accessories in the coming future.


    We treasure our partnership that we have established in the past few years between we and other parties. Please contact us. We welcome all kind of business opportunities.